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Slides you can use to pitch the idea to your organization

What do your neighbors think? Check out the Yale Climate Opinion Maps

Sign the petition through West Virginia Rivers

Getting the Picture online multimedia tool for climate education.

Esteemed climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe talks climate in dozens of short and easily-digestible clips.

Youth, use your voice!

The House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis wants to hear from young people - even below 18 - please circulate/share this survey with friends with connections to our young WV communities. WV's Carol Miller is on the Committee!

The survey is running indefinitely, until the organizers receive word from the Committee on next steps. Please do share with any students or youth in your sphere! They really want to hear from young people about how climate change is impacting them and what solutions they support, so the more people you can send it to the better!

Energy Efficiency West Virginia

Bike to work! Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation account for about 29 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, making it the largest contributor of U.S. GHG emissions, more that the electric power sector.

An important action to mitigate CC every single day for the rest of our lives is to change the source of our own electricity from fossil fuels to clean energy. Although, that is difficult in WV, at the moment, an easy way to do it is to use the company It is REALLY EASY, pain free and free of cost to reduce 50%, and also affordable to reduce 100%. Also available if you rent or can't afford to install solar panels.

Reading and Video Resources for Educators

A growing list of related articles, books, and films. Particularly good for educators to use for reading assignments and class discussions! Help us add to the list by emailing your suggestions to

Eat your veggies!

Try not to eat beef or any meat for a day or a week!

Teachers, request for a WV SPOT ambassador to visit your school!

Scientists, unite!

If you are a scientist from any scientific discipline, we invite you to sign our Viewpoint article “World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency” by Ripple et al. 2019, at

Invite any and all concerned citizens to sign on our companion website

Find a list of narrow-focus articles (with manuscripts!) here:

Use our sign on your door - let people know this matters to YOU!